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The fresh impulse rates certainly visitors is actually similar inside for every nation (maybe not found for the table)

The fresh impulse rates certainly visitors is actually similar inside for every nation (maybe not found for the table)

It actually was more common that Swedish children was cohabiting or married, got children, otherwise which they stated an intimate direction apart from heterosexual, than the Dutch peers

As a whole 1096 (616 Dutch and you will 480 Swedish) college students took part in the research, an answer speed out of 94% in the Netherlands and you can 93% when you look at the Sweden (Table 2).

The newest students’ many years varied away from 16 in order to half a century (M = 21), brand new Swedish college students have been avove the age of the brand new Dutch (Yards = 23 ages instead of M = 19 age) additionally the years period is actually big inside the Sweden. There have been way more lady youngsters in samples but the preponderance of women is actually a bit more pronounced about Netherlands, in which regarding the 70% of your users (and you can qualified pupils) were female. In Sweden as well as the Netherlands this new ratio out of children that have a parent born overseas was short, along with both regions brand new non-local mothers had its origin in a number of countries in europe, Asia, The united states, South america and Africa (maybe not found inside the dining table). Brand new parents’ level of knowledge is actually high for the Sweden compared to the netherlands together with difference is actually specifically higher within Swedish and Dutch moms and dads. In regards to the parents’ performing status, a huge variation was also receive involving the parents. A majority of this new Swedish people got full-day doing work moms and dads although most common among the Dutch try you to definitely mothers spent some time working area-day.

The results to your N-GAMS presented significant differences when considering Dutch and you may Swedish people with the every three subscales when compared because of the ANOVA (Dining table 3). Brand new Dutch college students reported highest sex susceptibility, we.age., they had large score toward GS subscale. Dutch people also got increased rating than the Swedish pupils to the GRI-P and you will GRI-D subscales, appearing you to definitely Dutch children held far more intercourse-stereotypical thinking into the one another dS score having male and female pupils, a big difference is located on the GRI-P size, where in actuality the male pupils demonstrated more stereotypical attitudes than people youngsters. Zero tall telecommunications consequences had been located. The imply opinions towards the subscales showed that Swedish people youngsters met with the reasonable values with the GRI-P, i.elizabeth., they expressed the least stereotypical convinced towards the customers. After that emerged this new Swedish men youngsters, Dutch women youngsters last but most certainly not least the newest Dutch male students. The latest suggest values toward GRI-D subscale exhibited an equivalent development. The newest Swedish female children conformed the least and Dutch male children assented by far the most which have stereotypical contemplating male and female medical professionals.

Whenever examining whether or not the socio-social history details was indeed pertaining to outcome for the GS, GRI-P and GRI-D, linear regressions escort Evansville stratified by nation were utilized. Within this design (Dining table cuatro) many years are very important to GS in both nations, with elderly college students scoring high, i.elizabeth. becoming a great deal more intercourse sensitive. Father’s nation off delivery had an effect on GS throughout the Dutch test, i.elizabeth., Dutch students having low-local fathers was indeed reduced sex-delicate. This new students’ gender are high for the lead towards the GRI-P both in places, but informed me which score in order to a greater the amount regarding the Netherlands than in Sweden. When you look at the Sweden, earlier students and additionally expressed faster stereotypical considering clients. Mothers’ knowledge are the greatest factor within our model among the Swedish students, and you will children having advanced- otherwise higher-knowledgeable moms and dads disagreed far more having stereotypical considering patients and you may physicians than did youngsters with lowest-knowledgeable parents.

However, because the shown by Roentgen 2 inside the Dining table 4 (level of factor), within this model the fresh new socio-social variables failed to contribute much into benefit toward N-GAMS.


The fresh new Dutch and Swedish scientific youngsters differed within the intercourse feeling and you may displayed tall differences in benefit on every about three Letter-GAMS subscales. Dutch students advertised higher gender sensitivity even so they together with conveyed alot more gender-stereotypical attitudes to your customers and doctors. There are differences between everyone into the stereotypical thought, and also in one another nations lady students disagreed way more having stereotypical statements regarding customers. The newest pattern are one Swedish women people expressed the least stereotypical convinced, followed by Swedish men pupils, Dutch female college students last but not least the latest Dutch men youngsters. The latest students’ years had some impact on benefit in both nations, father’s nation from birth is actually regarding intercourse awareness one of several Dutch people, and you may mother’s studies was connected with stereotypical considering one of the Swedish children.

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